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Imagine yourself at almost 500 meters above sea level in the cold zone of the highlands of southern Mauritius.

You will find Bois Chéri, an area located in an ideal place for the cultivation of Mauritian tea.

The purchase in 1958 by the Guimbeau family (Saint Aubin Group) allowed the development of the tea culture in Mauritius.

The factory now produces more than half of Mauritius tea, in sachets or in bulk.

The most famous flavor of the Bois-Chéri brand is vanilla tea, but other flavors have also emerged.

You will appreciate the aromas of mint, bergamot, natural, coconut-vanilla, caramel, coconut teas.

Also taste green teas (natural or jasmine), and the famous black tea, the flagship of our Bois-Chéri Teas catalog.


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