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You've certainly been caught off guard by a surprise visit from a relative or friend, haven't you?

Canned tuna will save you from that unexpected situation.

mauritian tuna

You will be able to quickly prepare a spicy salad, a small typical Mauritian dish.

Some brands concoct more sophisticated recipes: from Mexican salad to tuna, Niçoise salad, curried tuna, mustard or steamed tuna.

For the simplest products, you can find very reasonable prices for the can between 160 g and 200 g, within the reach of the most modest.

That's why canned tuna is so popular, as its purchasing power declines, it remains cheap.
Tuna salad

But you can choose in the preparation of salads, the white albacore tuna, finer and tastier.

The tuna canning process requires a lot of manual labour.

Think about it when you go shopping and buy a can of tuna.

This product is always washed, cleaned, cut and canned by hand.

But what company has been able to put the necessary means in place to hire and train this qualified staff?

That's exactly what you're about to find out...

Tropical tuna

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