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Mauritius cannot be summed up as being, as the Mauritian poet Malcolm De Chazal said, "the island of the stuffed dodo"!

In fact, it is through books that the richness of the island and the multiplicity of its traditions, heritage and sensitivities are revealed.

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And it is through the eyes of the authors of these works, whether they are novels, historical books, tales, poems, but also paintings, photographs, drawings or even recipes.

But in this chain of creation, it is the publishers who allow communication between an author and an audience, transforming an idea or a creation into a finished product.

Thus, according to an editorial, artistic and commercial vision, the publisher studies, evaluates and modifies the editorial project to be implemented.

But then the question of the budget arises, and ideally, it is desirable to have upstream financing through validated orders.

Mauritian children's books

However, it should be noted that the book market is limited, as Mauritians are not big readers, and access to sales outlets is not so easy in Mauritius.

These obstacles are somewhat released by the needs of tourists and the support of a voluntarist but fragmented and not very visible policy:

  • regular but limited public purchases,
  • school libraries with low attendance,
  • the importation of highly taxed paper,
  • no training in publishing,
  • few literary events.

Fortunately, there are a few patrons or sponsors who directly support and help authors.

Whether it is in French, English or Creole, there is however a Mauritian publishing house that promotes Mauritian authors, from the poet Malcolm de Chazal, to cartoonists, through historians and novelists.

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