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To associate rum with the evil figure of the devil might surprise you. And yet...

mauritian rum

This is indeed the origin of the name Guildive, which comes from the English "Kill devil", which in the 18th century designated sugar cane alcohols.

Black, green, blue, red or yellow, the colour of the cane is important, as rum will reflect its colour through its aroma.

From about forty distilleries in the 19th century, Mauritius today has about ten, which have benefited from centuries of know-how in the production of rum to obtain the best vintages.

The development of the production of sugar cane during the Dutch, French and English occupations favoured the production of Mauritian rum, from molasses for traditional rum, or from cane juice for agricultural rum.mauritian rum

From the high degree of 93% imposed by law since 1933, modified in 2001, rum has fortunately evolved towards a renewed and much more qualitative and aromatic range.

It is therefore on this basis that new quality rums have been created by both the old and new distilleries in Mauritius.

Mauritian rums have made a name for themselves abroad through the gradual increase in exports, the volume of which has doubled since 2010.

Traditional (the historic distilleries), arranged or spiced, and agricultural (the new distilleries), Mauritian rum has won multiple awards in international competitions.

Thus, today's connoisseurs recognize the identity and creativity of these delicious rums, no longer content with the classic white rum to enjoy them as aperitifs, cocktails and digestives.

mauritian rum

There are nowadays young distilleries on the rum market, such as Chamarel, Labourdonnais or St Aubin.

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