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Little boat will grow big! Or almost, because like their big brothers, the real ships and boats, model ships represent a significant economic and social weight.

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It can be said without hesitation that it is the pillar of traditional Mauritian know-how, which has reigned over handicrafts since the early 1970s.

Mauritius has thus established its dominance in this sector through the export of its model ships.

As a world-renowned tourist destination, it is clear that the government is pleased to see the positive impacts on jobs, sellers and buyers.

Museums in France, England, Holland and America provide workshops with original ship plans, which allow each ship to be built to scale, and entirely by hand.

Ship models Historic Marine

More than 400 hours of work are required to assemble the thousands of elements for the largest models.

You will be able to find the one you like for a price ranging from less than 100 euros up to 4000 euros!

From precious woods - mahogany, teak or ebony - these are craftsmen cabinetmakers, who put years of apprenticeship into practice, with a permanent willingness to respect quality and finishes.

It is a true art of miniaturization and reproduction that requires patience and dexterity, to recreate every little detail with the greatest precision.

To meet the high demand in the 1990s, more than 200 shops and workshops followed the fashion, a prolific period that came up against the crisis of 2008, which brutally decimated the sector in a short time.

Yet, a few workshops managed to weather the storm. Notably that of the Historic Marine brand...

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