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My name was Cervoise, named after the goddess of the harvest. I'm made by masters. One of my components is named after an island. Who am I?

Mauritian beer

It is indeed the Beer, which the Gauls had named thus, made by a master brewer, from barley transformed into malt in particular.

And it is the choice of raw materials and the chronological processes using state-of-the-art equipment that determine the exotic aroma of Mauritian beer, and its intrinsic qualities.

This beer, brewed in the traditional way, a guarantee of quality, has been rewarded on numerous occasions at the international level.

Grand Gold Award

Moreover, it is also in a concern of very important and rigorously controlled hygiene, that the choice of stainless steel material is privileged.

Sustainable development in the production of beer in Mauritius is emphasized: consignment of beer bottles, recycling of plastic and glass bottles.

And innovation is the basis for the efficient and environmentally friendly production of Mauritian beer.

But what is the flagship of this flourishing and environmentally friendly industry?

This is what you will discover through the history of the Phoenix and Thirsty Fox brands...

Gister beer


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