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100 % Mauritian products

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NO to synthetic products, preservatives, dyes and chemical fragrances... !

It sounds like a simple ecological slogan, but it's much more than that.

Local care products, zero waste, natural and eco-friendly

The idea is to produce 100% natural care, healthy for you AND Nature, only with plants and minerals.

Many consumers place ecology at the centre of their concerns.

They want products that are simple, effective and easy to use without controversial or polluting substances.

A quick reminder in dictionary form is in order:The garbage planet

  • Sulphates: synthetic ingredients, partly sulphur-based.
  • ICS: this surfactant obtained from Ethylene Oxide is classified as carcinogenic,
  • PEG: acronym for PolyEthylene Glycol, potentially carcinogenic,
  • Triclosan: synthetic antibacterial preservative, suspected to be an endocrine disruptor.

It takes a lot of research and energy to commit to making skin care products with natural, local and ecological ingredients.

Here is the recipe used in the realization of this type of products:

  1. develop partnerships with local producers,GMP / ISO 22716 standard
  2. comply with "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP / ISO 22716 standard), 
  3. check the biodegradability and ecotoxicity of the product,
  4. use organic quality ingredients such as Agalega coconut oil,
  5. favour plants obtained from permaculture and harvested in the wild.

You will find a wide variety of solid, natural and vegan soaps and shampoos, available in biodegradable, recyclable or refillable packaging in the shop.

Some brands have been able to meet these requirements of 100% natural, by taking the solution to manufacture these soaps and daily care products itself.

This is what we are going to discover...

Mauritian solid shampoo

Our Made in Moris brands

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Made in Moris

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