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100 % Mauritian products

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Thank you to the Mauritian products that help avoid the food crisis.

Long live the Made in Mauritius!

Local products made in Mauritius 

And thank you to the local producers and manufacturers in Mauritius, who have understood the importance of ensuring food self-sufficiency.

Because local producers are well placed to provide products of 1st necessity.

The production and delivery of foodstuffs to supermarkets are ensured thanks to them.

Some of them even participate in solidarity and support to poor families.

They are well represented by the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM) which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020, and the Made in Moris label created eight years ago.

The transformation of the local industry and local manufacturers, particularly towards the domestic market, is strongly supported by the AMM.

Food security is at stake: restoring a balance between imports and local production. Made in Moris & AMM

Corresponding to about 10% of the GDP, this local manufacturing is one of the pillars of the Mauritian economy.

Local consumption or local purchasing are global trends, which are leading to the emergence of a new generation of local entrepreneurs and the emergence of new local industries.

The Made in Moris label and the State hand in hand.

But it is also thanks to the Made in Moris label which, since 2013, has succeeded in highlighting the quality and traceability of Mauritian products.

This label gathers all the qualitative and value-added local brands.

It currently includes 90 companies, 50% of which are SMEs, and 250 brands.

Different sectors are represented: industrial production, textiles, food processing, cultural and creative sectors, service industry.

Proud to be Mauritian - Long live the products of Mauritius!

Only one watchword: buy local products!

92% of Mauritians think it is important to buy products labeled Made in Moris.

At least 10% of supermarket shelves in Mauritius are reserved for these products, and this is only the beginning.

Buying local helps support the economy and employment: it is a militant act. 

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