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Respect a world-class model of sustainability.

Buy local

But this development of Made in Mauritius must go hand in hand with the ecological objectives of the island, and be compatible with the new challenges of the planet.

It is then, eureka! that three tracks could open new perspectives, according to the lokalisbeautiful project.

They are Fab Island, Circular Island and Smart Island :

  • make more through micro-factories, fab-labs and fab-shops, incubators and partnerships,
  • produce better with the country's resources: repair, upgrade, recycle,
  • create value rather than digital products.

Welcome to Mauritius

A modern and forward-looking Mauritius will be the ambition.

With one goal in mind: the club of high-income countries, while respecting a world-class model of sustainability.


In the meantime, the current impact of Mauritian companies on job creation, local and regional development, but also on the country's social cohesion must be acknowledged.

At the same time, the Mauritian State is not standing still:

  • by financially supporting these SMEs,
  • promoting local products in public procurement policy,
  • by maintaining certain standards without penalizing local production,
  • increasing quality and safety standards for imported products.

All that remains is for the consumer to realize that they too can have a positive impact.

NLE - NPCC National Productivity and Competitiveness Council

Without forgetting the Mauritian artisans who, through their creativity and authenticity, are an added value for Mauritian tourism.

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