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The stems of coffee plants are full of red fruits like cherries, ready to be picked and processed.

Where do these plants come from? We will follow their story and their winding path to our cups of coffee.

cafe ile maurice

Since its introduction to the island by French settlers in 1715, coffee will have to wait two centuries to begin its true development.

Arabica from the port city of Moka in Yemen, the oldest export port for the coffee trade, produced noble coffee with a wild flavor.

The 2,500 acres of coffee trees cultivated in a century have unfortunately not withstood the epidemics of rust and bad weather that raged at that time. rosting coffee - Mauritius

The plantations were then replaced by sugar cane in the fields of the island, until the Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre (CSBO) decided in 1961 to relaunch the more profitable cultivation of coffee.

It was in Chamarel and Case Noyale that the Arabica variety, from Kenya, brought coffee trees back to life in 1967.

An expected reborn. 

As this variety can be grown up to 300 meters above sea level, come and discover the production of the famous coffee of the same name on the Chamarel plateau.

This unique, rare and high quality coffee, produced end to end in Mauritius, is hand picked and voluntarily transformed in an artisanal way.

To obtain this superb aromatic profile, Chamarel coffee comes from natural terroirs, in Chamarel, not far from the famous "Land of the Seven Colors", and in Case Noyale, in the south west.

terre des 7 couleurs Chamarel

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