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Come and discover one of the three pillars of tea in Mauritius: the Chartreuse brand.

The great story of the Chartreuse brand begins with Kressoon Bhokhoree who launched in 1958 in the culture of tea. 

From half an acre to the start, the company's plantation located in Montée la Peyre, New France, approached 20 hectares in 1985, and today covers an area of ​​200 hectares.

The aroma of black tea found on the markets is full-bodied, but tea lovers in Mauritius sweeten it with milk. 

Coming also from the tea plant, the production of green tea does not go through fermentation, it thus fully retains its active ingredients.

You can taste no less than 40 flavors: lemongrass tea, red fruit, ginger, cardamom, green tea ...).

Open Pandora's box, which will enchant you under the scent of all our Chartreuse teas.


Chartreuse tea

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