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Moringa, only small green leaves? No, a miracle plant!

Moringa teas by V Kanhye

This is what Vinay Kanhye discovered in 2014 during a stay in London, who tested its beneficial effects himself.

And it is in Mauritius that he found this plant that many people know under the name of "bred mouroum".

It was then that he decided to embark on the development of this production by creating his company V Kanhye Health Foods (VKHF).

It's not easy though, competing with low-priced, low-quality products from India and Africa.

The good Moringa against the bad.

In addition, major markets are remote and the local workforce is hard to find.

Fortunately, the company is now well supported by the Buy Mauritian Program, which promotes local entrepreneurship and industrial development.

But what makes it so valuable for health?The beneficial virtues of Moringa

  • a calcium level higher than that of an orange,
  • it is rich in antioxidants,
  • it contains vitamins A, B, C and E in large quantities,
  • it also has minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, among others.

Thus, its multiple revitalising and nutritive virtues will boost the immune system, provide energy and stimulate the metabolism.

In order to preserve the nutritional values, the manufacturing process must respect the quality and purity of the plant during the different stages of the process, which remains artisanal.

V Kanhye tea awardedThis is how the company obtained in 2017 Ecocert Paris organic certification, a testament to the efforts made by this family business!

And the Made in Moris label has rewarded professionalism and healthy and strict production conditions.

Presented in three forms, infusions in sachets, powder and capsules, Moringa responds to new trends and the tastes of customers concerned about their well-being.

"Tree of life" or "miracle product", it's up to you to see, letting yourself be tempted by the diversity of V Kanhye products at your disposal.

Moringa tea from the company V Kanhye Health Foods (VHKF)

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