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"Respect the seasons and never cheat with the shoots." This is the advice of Nathalie Baissac, a certified phyto and aromatherapy consultant.

Feuilles et Fleurs infusions

She is in charge of the Feuilles et Fleurs farm, located in Rivière du Rempart, in the north of Mauritius, certified Organic Agriculture by Ecocert.

The preservation of the environment, the basis of Permaculture without pesticides or herbicides, and a healthy diet are the main pillars for the production of high quality products.

Everything is done on site, by hand, respecting the active ingredients of the plant and in a totally artisanal way, from growing to harvesting, from drying to packaging.

The components of these infusions provide numerous benefits for the body:

  • Ayapana: calming properties,The benefits of Feuilles et Fleurs herbal teas
  • Tulsi: soothing effects,
  • Mint: against migraines and fatigue,
  • Combava: good for the liver,
  • Sage: oestrogenic action,
  • Turmeric: detox effect.

At a rate of 2 or 3 cups per day, with infusions that are quite strong in taste, you will obtain the desired effects on your body.

And for young and old, Feuilles et Fleurs offers a gardening and herbarium creation workshop.

The Feuilles et Fleurs brand is a reference in terms of natural herbal teas: soft and comforting thanks to the aromas of rosemary, mint, ayapana, ginger or cinnamon.

Feuilles et Fleurs artisanal exploitation

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