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"Respect the seasons and never cheat with the shoots." This is the advice of Nathalie Baissac, a certified phyto and aromatherapy consultant.

Feuilles et Fleurs infusions

She is in charge of the Feuilles et Fleurs farm, located in Rivière du Rempart, in the north of Mauritius, certified Organic Agriculture by Ecocert.

The preservation of the environment, the basis of Permaculture without pesticides or herbicides, and a healthy diet are the main pillars for the production of high quality products.

Everything is done on site, by hand, respecting the active ingredients of the plant and in a totally artisanal way, from growing to harvesting, from drying to packaging.

The components of these infusions provide numerous benefits for the body:

  • Ayapana: calming properties,The benefits of Feuilles et Fleurs herbal teas
  • Tulsi: soothing effects,
  • Mint: against migraines and fatigue,
  • Combava: good for the liver,
  • Sage: oestrogenic action,
  • Turmeric: detox effect.

At a rate of 2 or 3 cups per day, with infusions that are quite strong in taste, you will obtain the desired effects on your body.

And for young and old, Feuilles et Fleurs offers a gardening and herbarium creation workshop.

The Feuilles et Fleurs brand is a reference in terms of natural herbal teas: soft and comforting thanks to the aromas of rosemary, mint, ayapana, ginger or cinnamon.

Feuilles et Fleurs artisanal exploitation

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Moringa, only small green leaves? No, a miracle plant!

Moringa teas by V Kanhye

This is what Vinay Kanhye discovered in 2014 during a stay in London, who tested its beneficial effects himself.

And it is in Mauritius that he found this plant that many people know under the name of "bred mouroum".

It was then that he decided to embark on the development of this production by creating his company V Kanhye Health Foods (VKHF).

It's not easy though, competing with low-priced, low-quality products from India and Africa.

The good Moringa against the bad.

In addition, major markets are remote and the local workforce is hard to find.

Fortunately, the company is now well supported by the Buy Mauritian Program, which promotes local entrepreneurship and industrial development.

But what makes it so valuable for health?The beneficial virtues of Moringa

  • a calcium level higher than that of an orange,
  • it is rich in antioxidants,
  • it contains vitamins A, B, C and E in large quantities,
  • it also has minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, among others.

Thus, its multiple revitalising and nutritive virtues will boost the immune system, provide energy and stimulate the metabolism.

In order to preserve the nutritional values, the manufacturing process must respect the quality and purity of the plant during the different stages of the process, which remains artisanal.

V Kanhye tea awardedThis is how the company obtained in 2017 Ecocert Paris organic certification, a testament to the efforts made by this family business!

And the Made in Moris label has rewarded professionalism and healthy and strict production conditions.

Presented in three forms, infusions in sachets, powder and capsules, Moringa responds to new trends and the tastes of customers concerned about their well-being.

"Tree of life" or "miracle product", it's up to you to see, letting yourself be tempted by the diversity of V Kanhye products at your disposal.

Moringa tea from the company V Kanhye Health Foods (VHKF)

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What if you walk on the high plateaus of Curepipe in Mauritius.

You would end up falling on a tea plantation of more than 5 hectares, where the Corson company has cultivated tea for more than a century.

Joseph Jules Corson, in 1872, could not imagine the legacy he would leave for his family and his Island, by bringing back seeds of Ceylon tea to Curepipe.

Crossing all the disasters of the 20th century, climatic and economic, the Corson company succeeded in offering wonderful teas by applying ancestral rules.

You have to discover the whole range of flavors of Corson teas:

  • vanilla black tea,
  • honey-caramel or exotic fruit fragrances,
  • Cardamom, Mint, Lemon and Pekoe flavors.

Flourish with the new flavors of Corson tea, hot or iced, which will tickle your nostrils.

Corson tea

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From the Queen of England in 1972 to the President of the People's Republic of China in 2018, KUANFU tea is blessed by the gods!


Indeed, since the creation of the Dubreuil tea factory in 1967, these illustrious personalities have contributed to greatly increase the popularity of this brand of tea by honouring it during their visit to Mauritius.

And it is also thanks to the efforts of the Mauritian government to promote it, notably by offering KUANFU ripe black tea as a "national gift" to foreign dignitaries.

KUANFU tea : national gift

Mauristea Investment Co Ltd created this new type of ripe black tea in 2012, which has raised the quality of Mauritian tea to a world class level.

From plucking to sale, no less than 26 processing steps are required, with a fermentation time of 365 days!

The level of polyphenols is then 32.5%, a guaranteed detoxifying effect, perfect for cleaning the blood vessels.

And you will sleep better because the caffeine level is less than 0.017%!

KUANFU tea factory

KUANFU tea is presented in pretty boxes of all sizes and colors with the effigy of the dodo.

And for you ladies, you are treated like queens, because KUANFU has created the first tea specifically for women: KARUNA tea, with a certified skin-friendly effect!

And if the heart tells you so, you can follow the ritual of the Chinese tea ceremony, to better appreciate the fragrant taste of this tea, unique of its kind, witnessing the growing ties between China and Mauritius.

Finally, to top it all off, the brand has made a point of respecting ecological standards, with no chemical inputs or pollution, a guarantee of sustainable development.

Kuanfu teas

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Come and discover one of the three pillars of tea in Mauritius: the Chartreuse brand.

The great story of the Chartreuse brand begins with Kressoon Bhokhoree who launched in 1958 in the culture of tea. 

From half an acre to the start, the company's plantation located in Montée la Peyre, New France, approached 20 hectares in 1985, and today covers an area of ​​200 hectares.

The aroma of black tea found on the markets is full-bodied, but tea lovers in Mauritius sweeten it with milk. 

Coming also from the tea plant, the production of green tea does not go through fermentation, it thus fully retains its active ingredients.

You can taste no less than 40 flavors: lemongrass tea, red fruit, ginger, cardamom, green tea ...).

Open Pandora's box, which will enchant you under the scent of all our Chartreuse teas.


Chartreuse tea

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